Monday, September 8, 2008

Give Me a Break...

It appears that one of the battle cries out there among the far-right wingnuts is that Sarah Palin—a fundamentalist Christian—is a poor, defenseless victim of religious discrimination.

Oh. Of course, we shouldn’t take a candidate’s religion into consideration when deciding where to cast our vote. That would be wrong. That would be unfair. That would be religious discrimination! Isn’t discrimination illegal here in the good ole U S of A????

I am dead certain that the same idiots crying this tune now, are the ones who have been circulating the emails claiming that Barack Obama is a Muslim.

Which , of course, is codswallop.

But what if he was? Wouldn’t it be religious discrimination to take that into consideration when casting your vote?

And while we’re on the subject of discrimination…Mr. Obama’s racial background doesn’t enter into anyone’s mind when weighing the candidate’s merits, does it? Surely not…because that would be discrimination!

Note to right wing: You’re not fooling anyone when you pretend to cherish high ideals—when it suits you. It’s kind of like trying to put lipstick on a pig. Or a pit-bull.


thesheatons said...

Ouch! Keep those flags flying.

We seem to have attracted a troll.

And it appears that Sarah had a young man snuck into the office or something a long time ago. A name has been named, he was a business associate of her husband and apparently was divorced soon after.

She'll fit in just fine with McCain, Gringrich, etc and unfortunately Bill Clinton. Thanks for not keeping your zipper where it belonged Bill. If the bar gets any lower we'll all be in the mud.

myrdog said...

Where do you people get all your information? Why do you call me a troll. Am I not allowed on this site? Is it only for Democrats? Sorry if I trespassed. You girls need to read the bible and no I am not a bible thumper I just believe what it says. If you believe in God you should believe what it says.

mlraminiak said...

myrdog--You're not a troll, hon, and you're perfectly welcome to come here and comment.  I notice, though, that you didn't actually address any of the issues in this particular post...  Lisa  :-]

frankandmary said...

As a person whose heart is Libertarian( Ron Paul is too conservative for me & L's don't win), but who has voted both for Democrats & Republicans(more often R), I see both sides supporters liking the taste of the other guy's wounds too much. I think we are all getting off the real points with BS finger-pointing & whining, & missing the bigger picture while doing it. ~Mary

mutualaide said...

Oh Lisa ...  having a good chuckle at your feisty words!  

dsonney01 said...

Interesting, very interesting...some churches are preaching Obama is the anti-christ- go figure that one and I bet your font size will really be large! The whole thing is getting away from the concerns of the people and our country. I was raised a fundamentalist, and have been a republican for years BUT even this one smells fishy to me. I'm with you! Dannelle