Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Last Word (?)

So tell me what's wrong with what I have said. Yes, I am a woman. Does that make me wrong? Since this is a liberal blog I guess I should leave you alone. You would never think anything I have to say is worth hearing.

Myrdog, hon, I didn't say your views were not worth hearing or reading. If I had thought that, I could have deleted every one of your comments and blocked you from ever posting another comment on this blog.

We disagree. That's the heart and soul of the matter. My point in the previous post is to echo the statement we've made in many of our last several posts: We aren't going to change anyone's minds, so there's not a whole lot of point in arguing about it.

You think I'm going to hell. I think you...well, never mind what I think. It's not important. The important thing is that we ALL go out and VOTE our personal preferences. And the result is in the hands of...Providence.

Lisa :-]


dsonney01 said...

Spoken like a true patriot, kudos! Dannelle

myrdog said...

Did I say you were going to hell? When? I am not even sure I am going to heaven, why would I say you are going to hell? Did you read my journal through? Do you think I am some kind of religious kook? I am just a woman trying to get through life as best I can. If there is a heaven I want to go there, if there isn't I haven't lost anything. But if there is a heaven and a hell, I don't want to take a chance. You have as good a chance of  getting to heaven as anyone else. If I'm not mistaken your sidebar said you were Catholic. What happened?
Did your mama ever tie a string to a June bug's leg for you and let you fly it for a pet? Lots of fun.

myrdog said...

now you can block me if you want.

mlraminiak said...

myrdog:  Now you can block me if you want.

Me:  Sorry, myrdog (do you have a first name???)  That's not how we do business here.  You're welcome to come back and read about our flowers and our backaches and what we ate for breakfast.  And leave a comment or two.  

Lisa  :-]

mlraminiak said...

...And I was deathly afraid of june bugs when I was a kid.  LOL!  L:-]

thesheatons said...

And don't forget the cats.

myrdog said...

My name is Jane. And I was not talking about this blog when I said backaches and flowers. I don't remember how I found you but I remember thinking, At last, some interesting people. But then when it got political I realized I couldn't agree with what was being said. That's when I spoke up. I never noted before because I thought it was a private site but I had been reading for a while.