Wednesday, September 10, 2008

In Her Own Words

By now, you have all noticed that we have a reader/commenter who does not share our liberal views.  I’ve visited this person’s journal, and unless “he” has a husband, it is indeed a woman.  From the “heart of Dixie.”  That’s all the information I could glean from the blog; it has been very sporadically updated since it was started in 2003.


I want to be open-minded and accepting of opposite viewpoints.  Really.  I know there are women out there who do not believe as I do, and I want to honor the places they come from.  If I knew this woman in real life, perhaps we could be friends, or pleasant acquaintances.  Because we would never, under any circumstances, discuss politics. 


But, seeing as how we DO discuss politics here, and she has taken it upon herself to chide us for our beliefs, and proselytize her own religious right values, I wouldn’t feel too bad about shooting her down. 


However, I think her own words do a pretty good job of displaying the merits of her views.  So, here they are:


Comment on On Poor Choices And Sarah Palin:


If it was one of Obama's daughters he would have had her kill it before it was born.”


Comment on a pit bull with lipstick:


“I must be a christian right winged nut. she sounds pretty good to me. Do you reckon she'll have young men sneaked in to her office?”


Comment on I Keep Trying:


“that's funny. I am Republican and I pay attention to the candidates and the issues. I must be strange!”


Comments on Our Worst Nightmare:


#1—“You girls are really ugly, you know that ?”


#2—“Well, I have listened to both candidates and their vice presidental choices and I will be voting for John Mccain and Sandra Palin. I am against gay marriage and abortion. I don't pretend to know everything but I do know what I believe and they are more in line with my beliefs. My first concern is safety for our country because if it is not kept safe nothing else matters. Not global warming (I believe the only one who  can destroy this planet is God. He made it. It belongs to him and is in his hands.) The economy won't matter if our buildings are blown up and our people killed. Who was worrying about that when 9/11 happened? Much of what has been said on here has been just ugly, demeaning things that have nothing to do with the issues. Besides, Michelle Obama's butt is too big. See what I mean.”


#3--"OH yes, I like Cindy because she always wears her church going to meeting clothes."


Comments on Wheel of Fortune:


#1—Do I smell jealousy?”

#2—What's wrong with breast feeding Trig. She's not using plastic bottles and rubber nipples. She's not using gas or electricity to heat the milk and she's giving him the best food ever made for babies. She's not worried about sagging breasts, she's doing what's best for her baby.  Also, better killing Moose than unborn babies. Her daughter could have had an abortion you know and kept it secret. You people have your priorities all wrong. I really feel sorry for you.”


Comment on Give Me a Break:


“… You girls need to read the bible and no I am not a bible thumper I just believe what it says. If you believe in God you should believe what it says.”


I have no doubt that Ms “myrdog” believes every word she has written here with her whole heart and soul.  Even as we cling to the beliefs about which we have written.


The thing we need to remember is that the “myrdogs” of the world VOTE.  (And this particular one is going to be voting for “John Mccain and Sandra (sic) Palin…”)


The only real weapons we have against people like her are our own precious votes.  We need to energize EVERYONE we know that might cancel out the votes of myrdog and the legions like her.


Get out there and VOTE. 


It’s our only hope. 


myrdog said...

So tell me what's wrong with what I have said. Yes, I am a woman. Does that make me wrong? Since this is a liberal blog I guess I should leave you alone. You would never think anything I have to say is worth hearing. I don't update my journal very often because I don't think anyone wants to know what I ate for supper last night or how bad my back hurts. Or needs a photo of my latest flowers to bloom. I can be friends with anyone. I have a co-worker who is for Obama and we get along fine. I listen to what she says and she listens to me. The reason I made the statement about Obama's daughters is because he said he would not want his daughters punished for getting pregnant by having a baby. So I guess he meant they would have an abortion.
Which I consider wrong and the same as murder. A baby is a baby from conception, it is not a German Shepherd or a baby calf, it is nothing except an unborn baby. It will not turn into anything else. I admire Sarah Palin for having her Down's syndrome baby. I'm sure she knew ahead of time and could afford an abortion. I had a little brother who was a dwarf. We loved him dearly and he was the light in our lives. I'm sure in modern day life the doctors would have told my mama that she should abort, her baby was deformed. Jr was the greatest blessing in our lives. Go ahead, shoot me down, whatever you mean by that. I can take it.

thesheatons said...

In keeping with the spiritual type reading I've been doing I've decided to view these comments as a lesson in not judging the person who makes them. That's the person not the comments.

What's the Latin for "I came, I saw I voted"?

Lisa you are so right. Now is not the time to let the "my vote won't count" legions to give in. At least my vote earns me the right to disagree with the outcome.


myrdog said...

I don't mind anyone judging me. I am content with myself and the only judge I fear is God.