Saturday, September 6, 2008

Wheel of Fortune

Vanna Palin....errrr....Sarah White....errr...SARAH PALIN is ready to step into the White House but NOT ready for prime time, according to the McCain camp. In case you've missed it, the schedule for the Sunday morning talk shows tomorrow is:
Barack Obama will be on
This Week;
Joe Biden will be on
Meet the Press;
John McCain will be on
Face the Nation;
and Sarah Palin, Girl Wonder, Ms. Alaska runner-up, VP hopeful,
Governor Extraordinaire will be...out aerial shooting polar bears? breast
feeding Trig? dressing a moose? putting on her lipstick? Inquiring minds
would like to know...for what it's worth, t
he official line is "she needs to
spend more time with the voters."



thesheatons said...

In other words safely sequestered with nice, safe audiences far away from pesky reporters who might ask embarrasing questions like "how come it took you six years and five schools to get your degree?" Or, "if, God forbid, you should end up in the White House how are you going to get us out of Iraq?" Little questions like that.

I don't want somebody just like me running for office. I know I'm not up to that job. I want somebody as unlike me as possible running for office.


emmapeeldallas said...

I couldn't agree more.  I read an interesting article online by Georgie Anne Geyer who said face it, we NEED people better than the average person to run the country.  If this idiot isn't proof of that, I don't know what is.  I just hope she messes up good very soon.  Lisa's right, Sarah Palin is everybody's worst nightmare.


mutualaide said...

Yes, let's just invite her to coffee and see how she answers our tough questions.  

myrdog said...

Do I smell jealousy?

thesheatons said...

I doubt if mrdog will see this since I don't plan to email whoever it is. Why in the name of heaven would any of us be jealous of Palin? God's teeth I'd never go in front of an audience and admit I'd never really thought about the Iraqi war, but that it was probably God's will. Or many of the other things I've heard attributed to her. If that's what political ambition does for you, count me out.


myrdog said...

What's wrong with breast feeding Trig. She's not using plastic bottles and rubber nipples. She's not using gas or electricity to heat the milk and she's giving him the best food ever made for babies. She's not worried about sagging breasts, she's doing what's best for her baby.  Also, better killing Moose than unborn babies. Her daughter could have had an abortion you know and kept it secret. You people have your priorities all wrong. I really feel sorry for you.