Tuesday, September 9, 2008


For the record, I believe that politicians should be allowed to change their minds. New information comes in, people mature and what seemed like good policy five years ago isn't anymore.

But, I couldn't pass up this cartoon from Jack Ohman. I think Jack must have studied at the Mike Royko school of editorial comment.

If you can get your hands on any of his books about fly fishing, they are a hoot.

And if you'll go the Go Comics website and scroll back a bit for earlier entries, you'll find he's pretty much an equal opportunity skewerer.


mlraminiak said...

I HATE this Sarah Palin thing.  This election was almost going in a decent direction--with candidates kind of sticking to the issues, and the pitch of the hype not TOO high--until McCain blew the whole thing out of the water with his pick of Palin.  He dragged the whole thing right back into the dirt where it's been the last eight years.  It just makes me sick.  Lisa  :-]

thesheatons said...

Actaully I just loved the moose. Just standing there. La de dah de dah de dah. Must have just had some really good marsh grass, 'cause he's dripping. LOL


sunflowerkat321 said...

I'm with Lisa.  I hate that we're all focused on her rather than the issues that need to be addressed.  It makes me sick to think that anyone would base their vote on whether or not the like/agree with Sarah Palin.

Have you noticed we haven't heard anything about the issues since they "introduced" her?  The clock is ticking...

mutualaide said...

Okay, well, 'she' is so far off my radar now that when someone asks, 'what do you think about Sarah Palin?'  I respond ... "Sarah who?"  Although she remains the buzz at the water cooler so-to-speak.  

I'm discouraged.  By ALL of it.

myrdog said...

The media dragged it in the dirt. Trying to find all the dirt they could on Mrs Palin.

emmapeeldallas said...

Yeah, Ms. Palin is just a bit short of sainthood, right?  Except I never picture a saint SHOOTING anything, or trying to ban books, or...oh well, that's probably just my own shortcoming, that I think of saints as having better attributes than that.

On a happier note...the Mike Royko school of editorial comment?!?!?!  I loved Royko!  I used to run out to get the paper in Chicago, just to see what he'd written.  He'd have had a field day with Palin.  It's our loss that he's not here to write about her.