Saturday, May 17, 2008

Another Friday Photo on Saturday

Greetings from SAN DIEGO!!

View from Beaches Trail at Torry Pines Nature Preserve.


mutualaide said...

Okay, really.  You girls have convinced me that I must, absolutely MUST take a trip west before I ... expire.  Beautiful beach and for a beach lover ... oh, these pictures are agony! (and ecstasy!)

mlraminiak said...

That's a very pretty beach.  Not quite Oregon, but it will do.... ;)  Lisa  :-]

ereading7 said...

mutualaide - Yes do get west, some of my favorite vacation spots are there.   San Diego and surounding areas in particular.  Colorado is great as well, especially if you are in to mountains.  
 I am hoping to get to northern California and/or Oregon some day and see if they will also go on the favorite list.

thesheatons said...

A wonderful misty beach scene. Sea, sand and sun. A miraculous combination.


emmapeeldallas said...

I wanna be THERE!