Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Turn....

As I'm reading everyone's answers to the meme, I'm struck by what I have in common with each of you.  Now I'm trying to decide if those are the points I should hit, or come up with something original.  Perhaps some of both...

Ten years ago:

Joel was three, Arielle was seven and Adrienne was ten.  Aaron and I celebrated our 15th anniversary with a trip to Italy.  My father was diagnosed with glioblastoma (brain cancer) in June and died in November.  Aaron traveled a lot and I couldn't be with my mom and sisters to help, so I was just trying to offer as much support as I could via the phone.  If I had it to do over, I would have found a way to have been there more.  I was running my own business designing and fabricating window treatments.  I gave up the business shortly after dad died.  I felt like I was doing a half assed job of everything.  Three weeks after my dad died, my dog died.  I had a rough time for quite awhile after that.

Five things on tomorrow's to do list:
I don't do "to do"lists...I fly by the seat of my pants most of the time.  It seems I'm usually operating on an interrupt system.  I'd like to:
- get unpacked from my trip
- get the laundry done
- make plans to get together with a friend
- find some things that are "missing" on my desk and get them taken care of
- work on organizing my photo files (this is ALWAYS on my "list" and it NEVER gets done.  It's an overwhelming task.

Things I'd do if I were a billionaire:
- find a house I'd LOVE to live in and have a ball making it "me"
- go on a shopping spree for photography equipment and take photography workshops at wonderful locations
- Relieve my sister's financial situation for life.  Free her from having to work so we could travel together.
- Buy a beautiful piece of property and set up a camp/environmental education center.  I'd have wilderness adventure programs, environmental awareness programs, art and wellness workshops for both children and adults.  I'd have scholarships available for kids who struggle to fit in and be understood.  My sister Meg had a special place in her heart for the student who was the underdog.  The center would be named after her.
- Volunteer for and financially support environmental causes.

Three bad habits:
- I'm incredibly disorganized.  I try to get organized, but as soon as life gets even remotely chaotic...it's all out the window.  Can't find my keys, car is a mess, stacks and stacks of stuff...just like the rest of you!  :)
- Taking an "ignore it and it will go away" attitude towards my health.  Fortunately, it's worked out for me so far.  Now that I'm past 50....I think I need to grow up and be more proactive about health maintenance.
- Procrastination!!!

Five places I've lived:
- Bedford, Indiana
- West Lafayette, Indiana
- Oakland, California
- Allentown, Pennsylvania
- Long Island, New York

The five first jobs I ever had:
- Girl Scout camp counselor
- Life Guard
- University cleaning crew (this job was awful!  We cleaned married student apartments after they were vacated for the year in preparation for the next years tenants.  You can't imagine how gross these places were....well, maybe you can...)
- Air Pollution Control Officer
- Stockbroker sales assistant


mutualaide said...

It is somewhat interesting that ten years ago we all had some kind of struggle going on ... and came out the other end of the tunnel.  

I am totally organized ... even when chaos reigns, but lately I've let the house get cluttery.  Not me at all.

This has been fun ... finding out how much alike we can be, although we are so very different.

mlraminiak said...

Hey...ten years ago was crappy for a lot of us, wasn't it?

Lisa  :-]