Wednesday, May 7, 2008

God(dess) is in the Details...

We made it (most of us, anyway…)! I have an email out to Kat, so I hope she will be here shortly. And now, here are a few things we need feedback on:

  1. "About me." Do we each want to add a few lines about ourselves, or little pictures or caricatures or something, to the "About me" thing on the side bar? It looks like, since I started the durned thing, I’ll have to do the actual adding, but if you email me what you would like inserted, I will do so. Don’t know if we should stick to a theme or just do our own thing with this…any suggestions?
  2. Shall we post links to all our various personal blogs in the sidebar as well?
  3. If anyone has any preference or feedback about the colors, I’m all ears. I didn’t like the plain old white, so I softened it a bit with the earth tones. But if someone has a better idea for a color palette, I’m good with it. Keep in mind, though, that this is AOL, and there are not the scads of templates available that there are for blogger…(more’s the pity…)
  4. Lastly, I’m really itching to get to the actual writing part of this blog. And what we need is a topic. I’d like to vote that since Kathy was the first one to post her introduction, she gets to choose the first topic for us to write about. After that, we can draw virtual straws(not sure exactly how to do this, but we’ll figure it out…) for who suggests the next topic, and kind of "take turns." Which is not to say that members cannot post stuff that is not necessarily "on topic." If you have something to say about something that you think the rest of us might have something to say about, just go for it! Also, I was wondering if we should make one day a week a picture posting day? Kind of like, "Friday photo-blog day" or something?

Let’s get some of these little details out of the way so we can start the wheels turning in a forward direction.


mutualaide said...

Well, you are the task master, aren't you?  Thinking ....

Any color is fine with me.  I happen to like the earth tones you have chosen.  Soft like a woman, but also strong in spirit, like a woman.

I will do my best to find a photo of me that won't make the masses run away and never come back, if the decision is to include them in the all about me section.  

I prefer to leave our personal links out for a while.  Let folks get to know 'this side' of us first. ??

Topic?  However we all decide it should be done is fine with me.  

mutualaide said...

Oh!  Oh!  And yes, I might add a little something to my intro.  

oceanmrc said...

I'm good with anything you suggest.

sunflowerkat321 said...

I love the colors....nice an warm.  Do you think one day AOL will give us template ability?  Maybe it's a blessing in disguise that we just pick colors and move on.

I would love a photo day.  But another THEME photo thing gets to be a chore.  Maybe we could each do a photo that is meaningful or significant to what's going on in our lives that week.  Just something personally telling.  

As far as sidebar issues...I really have no preference.  Whatever the group consensus is....I'm good with it.

thesheatons said...

Friday photo blog sounds good.

Love the color scheme.

Links to our other journals would be good. I've lost track of some of you, so that would be a help.

i think the theme is already there. We're women. Short, tall, round, not so round; everything under the sun. Personally, I haven't been doing much with my pictures, so a Friday photo day would be an incentive to do something more creative than uploading this mornings shots and saying have at it. LOL


frankandmary said...

Hey, if Kathy tells me to read you, I read you :-).  You write very well.

emmapeeldallas said...

I love the colors, too, and I love the idea of a Friday photo-blog.