Monday, May 26, 2008


We didn’t get far this weekend. I took Friday off, hoping we could fit everything in; including a trip up the cemetery where dad, my grandparents and great grandparents are buried. We decided not to drive up after all.


Nephew number two is graduating this spring and the family is having a get together to celebrate mid June. So I’ll snag another vacation day and we’ll do both that Sunday. We tae our own flowers and while we have a few cutting type flowers in bloom right now. By mid June we should have at least a few roses to go along with the callas and ferns. And at four bucks a gallon we’re combining trips as much as we can. And they’re will us all the time whether we make it up the cemetery or not.


I’m not going to complain too much. We don’t drive much beyond me going to work and that sort of thing. The odd trip in search of plants, visits to Jerry’s for gardening supplies; that sort of thing. We can get nine bags of bark in the van, or two dozen stepping stones, or… get the picture. As long as we can do the work ourselves, I guess we’ll keep the van. And the Cutless doesn’t mileage that’s great, but as long as I have to share the road with oversize SUV’s, log trucks, and semi’s I am NOT getting one of those little whatchamacallits.


So we got some hanging baskets planted, swapped out the bell flowers for some volunteer lavenders for the herb garden. We picked up a scarlet runner bean and finagled a trellis for it to climb. We did some heavy duty clean up on the north side yesterday. After three days we sort of goofed off today. A little reading, a little baking, a little basket hanging, and little laundry, that sort of thing.


Bandit got out yesterday morning. She led us a merry romp around the yard for about two hours. We might have got her in sooner but we also have little squirrel we call Gimpy who shows up daily some munchies. Gimpy has a problem with a hip and he showed up while the bandit was out. So recovering the cat went on the back burner while we made sure thesquirrel had breakfast in relative peace.


Bandit finally settled down for a snooze up on the retaining wall in a sheltered area near the fence. And then it was “mom.” I had her but couldn’t get down the steps into the enclosed deck with twenty pounds of restive cat in my arms. She’s too big to handle one armed. So, finally all the children were where they belonged, inner and outer children. LOL



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mutualaide said...

Have to love those pets!  I'm enjoying spring and the garden a lot this year.  This seems to be the first year since my mother passed that I have the energy and the right mindset to tackle my little projects.