Sunday, May 18, 2008


A couple of years ago we stopped at Washburn. It was mid afternoon and mid summer. It's not unusual for the wind to blow like mother on summer afternoons at the coast. Either that or fog in when the tide comes in. Anyway we went down on the beach and decided really fast that it was just to windy.

So we went back to the van and moved to a place in the lot where we could watch the ocean and listen to the surf without being blown towards the California line. It wasn't too long until we quit watching the ocean and started watching the gulls. They'd fly up the beach against the wind; they'd work so hard to get up the beach. A couple of minutes later a white/grey blur would flash by going down wind. They were working so hard to get up the beach just so they could ride the wind back down the beach. And start all over again.

We spent about an hour listening to the waves and watching the birds "surf" the wind.

Sorry no new pictures, but after two days of ninety degree heat, what was blooming is well scorched. And the new blooms will be coming on during the week. About all we have is some shrubby cinquefoil. And about the only way I'm going to get a shot of them is by getting down on the ground. And I'm not up to that yet. LOL


sunflowerkat321 said...

I loved the story.  So often a trip to the beach turns into a special adventure.

mutualaide said...

Great short story.  :)  No flowers?  Oh, soon they'll be more.  

emmapeeldallas said...

I love the story, too.  And the cinquefoil...that brings back happy memories for me, of a trip to Idaho.