Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday Photo

I know many of us are spending hours in our gardens these days.  Since this is my first year in this house, I have TONS of landscape work to do.  We've had beds cut, large plants placed and I've put in perennials and annuals.  The latest step, which was finished yesterday, was to get the sprinkler systems adjusted properly.  Dumb and Dumber were here to do the job...and they almost got it right.  I walked through the cycle this morning to see where we need to tweak.  I noticed this...which to me seemed symbolic of women, nurturing, hopes and dreams.



mutualaide said...

This is a lovely photo.  Just lovely.  ;)

mlraminiak said...

Some pictures are just...visual poetry.  Beautiful pic, Kat; and wonderful metaphor.     Lisa  :-]

thesheatons said...

Rainbows are where ou find them, and if all else fails, make your own. LOL