Thursday, May 29, 2008

On Rachael Ray, The Terrorist

I have not climbed up on my political soapbox much since I broke into the ranks of harried small business owners. I really don’t have the time or the emotional energy to invest in following our national soap opera these days. And, to tell the truth, I had thought that the worst of the inflammatory far-right-wingnut bulls*** had begun to abate.

Until today.

When I logged on to the internet and caught the story about the Dunkin Donuts/Rachael Ray terrorist coffee ad.

It seems that some dresser at a photo shoot wrapped a scarf around Rachel Ray’s neck before snapping off the pix to be used for a Dunkin Donuts ad. Pretty scarf…a black and white paisley affair, with fringe all around. Looks vaguely…imported (but what isn’t, these days?)

So, some lunatic conservative commentator sees this ad, spots the scarf, and decides that it looks like a "kaffiyeh" –a traditional Arab headdress. Said insane pundit (who apparently has nothing better to do with her time than sift through on-line advertising looking for terrorist symbols!?!) insists that this scarf is an obvious symbol of head-lopping jihadists; and, apparently, has no place around the neck of a loyal, peace-loving, raghead-hating American.

The brave souls at Dunkin Donuts promptly pulled the ad. Fearing the fallout of a possible boycott on their already struggling sales.

I am positive I have never heard anything so ridiculous in my entire life.

And to think…we’re just heading into the heart of an election year. Where some of us thought that voices of reason might once again be heard.

And some of us were harboring some small hope that the American people had been SO burned by the performance of our government for the past eight years, that the clamor for change would sweep Dubya and all he has stood for back under a pile of cow patties on the dusty Texas range, where he belongs.

And the opposition candidate, the one to whom we will be pinning all our lofty hopes, is most likely to be a man with a…somewhat unconventional middle name.

Oh. My. God.

Shoot me now…


mutualaide said...

Let me get in line to be shot.
I am positive right along with you.  By the way, said pundit has obviously not seen some of her other DD commercials in which Rachel Ray does wear a scarf.  I wouldn't call it her trademark, but darn, she looks cute in scarfs.

A thought keeps rolling through my head:

"What is going on in the world?"  Or should that be The United States of America?

mutualaide said...

Then I went to read the article and have discovered that Malkin (the insane pundit) can now be viewed as something of a racist ... if we choose to read that way ... and I'm wondering what Ivy league school of commentator-ism she attended.    

"Ignorance is bliss." they say.

sunflowerkat321 said...

I just caught the story in the paper this morning.  I sat with my coffee(made at home) shaking my head.  

springsnymph said...

This incident brings to recall the Salem witch hunts of centuries past and, more recently, the "Red" panic in the 1950's.  Sadly,  some things never change.  Wonderful journal, ladies.  I'm enjoying it immensely!

thesheatons said...

If anyone should be shot, it's the idiot pundit and Dunkin' Donuts. There is so much totally out of bounds stuff going on I'm wondering what's in the water or if we've finally hit some tipping point in either pollution or food additives and too many brains are getting totally scrambled. Or even more scrambled than they already were.