Saturday, May 24, 2008

Friday...uh...Saturday photo

I DID forget...

All this week, I have been working my ass off in the back yard.  It's all brand new landscaping and is going to take some time to establish....much less fill in and really look like anything.

I do have one place on the property that pleases me.  When we moved in, the front walkway was lined with ratty rug juniper.  That had to go immediately.  I brought tons of cranesbill geranium from my gardens in PA, and put it into the walkway bed.  In the spring, as soon as the pansies were at the nursery I bought a couple of flats in a mix of colors and put them in with the cranesbill.  It has all filled out nicely and is looking beautiful.  This garden space reminds me that all the work I've been doing eventually....will be worth it.




mlraminiak said... IS starting to look presentable!  I try not to look at my yard these days...::sigh::  Lisa  :-]

thesheatons said...

Cranesbill geraniums! Yes! I think we have thirty square feet, at least, of the blessed things. They look great. They smell great. And they're willing to drape over the retaining wall in the back. What's not to love?

They do have to be discouraged from crowding out the rhubarb, though. There are some limits, after all.

mutualaide said...

Having a chuckle here.  I just came in from my perennial bed ... it has been neglected for the last two years and I am trying to find time to weed out and add some new items.  I needed worry too much.  My old faithfuls are up through the leaves and looking very healthy and pretty.  The deer are eating the Solomon's but otherwise, things are okay.

Your bed is beautiful.  I hadn't heard of cranesbill geraniums before.  They are beautiful.  :)